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Food Recap

What we've been eating:

Friday Night, small pizzeria, Trapani:

  • Colleen: Pizza with mushrooms
  • Josh: Pizza with eggplant

Saturday Afternoon, bar, Alcamo:

  • Tuna panini, prosciutto and cheese panini

Saturday Night, Ristorante dei Frati, Trapani:

  • Colleen: Pasta con le sarde, spaghetti with sardines, pine nuts, and bread crumbs
  • Josh: Busiate allo scoglio, twisty pasta with mixed seafood - shrimp, clams, mussels, baby squid

Sunday Afternoon, Ristorante Pentolaccia, Erice:

  • Antipasto: Fried zucchine, eggplant stuffed with ricotta, bruschetta with tomato, caponata of eggplant, fennel, celery, artichokes
  • Colleen: Pasta with tomato, olive, prosciutto, and pine nuts
  • Josh: Fish cous cous
  • Dessert: Ricotta-stuffed fried dough, cannoli with chocolate chips
  • (excellent lunch)

Sunday Night, small pizzeria, Trapani:

  • Josh: Sausage pizza

Monday Afternoon, bar, Marsala:

  • Prosciutto panini

Monday Night, Cantina Siciliana, Trapani:

  • Colleen: Busiate alla trapanese - with pesto trapanese
  • Josh: Busiate al tempio - with small fresh shrimp, oil, and garlic
  • Secondo (split): Fried calamari
  • Dessert, Colleen: Casatella Siciliana (like tiramisu, but with ricotta and chocolate chips)
  • Dessert, Josh: Almond Semifreddo (ice cream/parfait)
  • (best dinner so far by far)

Tuesday Afternoon, friggitoria, Trapani:

  • Timballo - macaroni stuffed with tomato sauce and meat and fried

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Internet Update

spotty at best

sunny 21 °C

The computer here at the B&B hasn't been able to read my USB drive to upload our photos, so I've been holding out on the posts until I got that straightened out -- big mistake, since internet access went down here entirely yesterday through today. A quick recap then, of what we've done so far, coming next. More detailed posts, with photos, will follow.

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We're here

just checking in

semi-overcast 18 °C

Kind of a long delay at the airport last night, but the flight over and drive in went ok, apart from some minor navigational difficulties. We're getting cleaned up and heading out to eat, and we'll have more and more interesting things to say in a bit. Ciao!

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semi-overcast 18 °C

Nov. 1 -- JFK to Palermo
Nov. 2-7 -- Trapani
Nov. 7-10 -- Mandranova, agriturismo near Agrigento
Nov. 11 -- Catania to Rome to JFK

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